Monday, May 5, 2014

Translation Of The Encrypted NSA Tweet

Here is my translation of the Encrypted NSA Tweet. 

"Want to read your ex-girlfriend's emails?  Are you curious about what your sister really thought of your Christmas presents? Do you like the idea of violating the crap out of the 4th Amendment for great pay and even better benefits?  Then join us at The NSA!!"

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

From someone who admires me

Well, regardless, I’m proud of your versatility within the company. It’s rather admirable. Now… don’t tell anyone that I’m nice.
- Chelsi

Monday, March 31, 2014

Keep Calm And Vote For NOTA

If you're a rookie to the LP, we have a long and honorable tradition of being able to vote for NOTA, meaning "None Of The Above", for any office. 

It would have been so easy for Kathie Glass to simply run for governor

From Cassie Villela of Bexar County, where Kathie and Tom showed up with a gang of Newbies and tried to take over the Bexas County delegation. 
Let it be known that Kathie Glass made an adversary of the wrong woman when she pulled that stunt. 
Here's Cassie:

"We are a Libertarian family who enjoys giving our time, energy, and money to the party.  We have been looking forward to this convention for over a year. 
Kathie and Tom tried to prevent us from becoming delegates.  They tried to replace us with names of people who didn't intend to come at all.  Why does Kathie Glass want to take away our voice? 

Cassie, it's because she had rather see nobody there than see you there.  I thought about doing the same thing in Tarrant, but didn't have much trouble coming up with plenty of people who wanted to go, and who represented traditional LP views. 

It would have been so, so, so easy for Kathie Glass to simply run for governor.  We're easy.  Just articulate a simple Libertarian message, and be willing to spend about $2,000.00  

If a well-educated, wealthy candidate walks into our party and announces that she is wanting to run on our ticket, we should be jumping at the opportunity to have her represent us, right?  But why would any candidate that didn't have Narcissistic Personality Disorder go all over Texas pissing off delegates?   

I could've kept this up for days, but I've got to go to work in the morning. 

What would it take for so many long-time Libertarians to turn on a candidate like Kathie Glass? 

Think about it.....

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"Shut Up And Sit Down!"

Here's Kathie holding forth about what one guy said to another guy, and how the one guy was out of order in doing so, and when Pat Dixon, the State Chair, announces to Kathie that her time is up, well....the money shot is around the 1:00 mark. 

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Does this sound like a hostile work environment?

From the great Heather Fazio, responding to an email from me about how certain parties have treated our Austin staff.  No names are named.  After all, we're dealing with lawyers....

Allen, I'm happy to help. There has been a clear pattern of abuse that Staff for LPT has endured, mostly by a few SLEC members. I'm thankful that, while I am not going to be working for LPTexas after the State Convention, you and others are cognizant of the fact that mistreatment of staff leads to lower productivity and high turnover. And, as you know, this raises the cost of doing business for a number of reasons.
I mentioned Amie and Christie (copied here) in our phone call earlier because they were both members of the LPT Staff in 2010/11 and were unnecessarily subjected to a hostile working environment. Robert Butler, Rob Lapham and Lauren Daugherty, our last three Executive Directors, are also copied here. I think that we all have stories of abuse to tell. I'll begin...

  • On several occasions, in public and private, I have had to assert to certain members of SLEC that I will not tolerate being spoken to disrespectfully. Each time this has happened, things seem to get better, but then inevitably revert back to disrespect.
  • An incredibly hostile working environment has been created by what appears to be a never ending effort by some to gain control of our organization, rather than building cohesion and a strong team. It's very obvious that some are interested in titles, credit, and fame rather than working to usher a peaceful revolution in Texas.
  • Fortunately, I've remained shielded from the SLEC Yahoo email list. Had I been on that distribution over the last four year, I'd have 1) probably quit by now and 2) not gotten a fraction of my necessary work done because of the sheer volume of nonsense.
  • Most recently, a member of our staff was berated PUBLICLY by a belligerent SLEC member after an event.This was wholly embarrassing.
  • Baseless accusations of sabotage, public berating, disparaging comments of staff's commitment to liberty, and being used as a political tool of controlling others in our organization. From childish to borderline criminal!
  • Using terms like "battle" when referring to organizational conflict does not foster healthy or productive working relationships. In fact, it is very indicative of a person's mindset and approach to dealing with others.

 With all of that said, one might wonder: why the hell did you stick with it? Answer: I am not a quitter! And I care about the people I work with/for. Plus, I have been able to rely on our Chairman as a rock of sanity and focus.

Thank you for hearing me, Allen.
Everyone else, please don't feel obligated to submit a short, informal testimonial about the abuse you've endured as an LPT Staff Member. But know that if you do take a few minutes to put your experiences in writing, it will likely go a long way to educating delegates who have not seen as we have.


Heather Fazio

LPTexas Staff, 2010-14
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Twenty-five dollars

Compare Kathie's contributions to the Texas LP, as compared to those made to her own campaign.



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